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Production Day 2 - Therapy with Dr. Fred Flusher

PHIL POWERS as Dr. Flusher, and SYDNEY LEPORA as Annaliese during their monthly therapy session.

Production Day 1 - "The Third Interview"

photos by Kristina Kaylen

(Front L-R) Sydney Lepora (ANNALIESE), Maryann Nagel (Rev. Mother Mary Anne). (Back L-R) Dan Swedorske (Grip), Alyse Paquin (Audio), Jan Swedorske (Script), Pam Williams (Co-Producer/Craft), Stan Williams (Writer-Director), Daniel Knudsen (DP/Cam), Christine Knudsen (Kristina Kaylen/Asst. Camera and photographer).
The Garden: Pam and Peter Horn.

photos by Pam Williams

frames from 4K video files

Other Stills

Sydney Lepora (Annaliese) ACTIONING her script.

Jillian Mitchell (Jillian) models a
wardrobe change.

Phil Powers (Dr. Fred) with his bobblehead likeness.

Prop making is always fun.

Looking for Kelly's Miss America Talent Performance.

Checking playback. Good! No ADR required.

Kristina offers to use her marker to make the cucumbers greener.

Dan Knudsen (DP) confers with

Stan Williams (Director)

Phil and Sydney go over lines.

Dan Swedorske is the master grip.

The gear van doubles as a camera van.

"Where's my knife?"

Kristina and Alyse practice their Vanna White

impersonation with a microphone cable.

Fancy Clapboards were unnecessary with FCPX.

The back seat of a Buick Regal gets crowded with DP, DIR, SCRIPT + GEAR.

Kristina preparing to make a pie. And you thought we used real

whip cream for the pie?  Ha!

Former Miss American talent winner  preparing for her closeup.

Alyse and Daniel check levels.


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